Our corporation is a importer of submitting special materials of Hastelloy ,Inconel, Monel and Zirconium 702 / 705 as well as a manufacturer of fabricating fasteners of above material. The fasteners are widely used in the fields of acetic acid , acetic anhydride ,petrochemical, chemical , pharmacy, power, marine and other industries. As the attributes of these special material include high resistance to uniform attack, outstanding localized corrosion resistance, excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance, excellent sea water resistance, wear- high temperature . These special material have become widely used by the oil and gas, chemical processing industries, pharmaceutical, gas desulfurizing industries, power, marine, especially acetic acid and acetic anhydride plants and many industries.
As it has high intensity and tenacity as well as strong strain hardening tendency for the mechanical properties of Hastelloy, Inconel and Monel alloy, It has certain difficulty to fabricate the fastener and need very strict requirement for processing technology . In 1995, our technical personnel was sent to Haynes International Co. Ltd. in USA, which is a manufacturer to manufacturing material for Hastelloy alloy , to study theoretical knowledge and fabricating technology for Hastelloy alloy and took back a lot technical documents. 
In order to ensure to fabricate the high quality fasteners for special material and been used for a long time during the state of hot and cold under the tensile stress, it is particularly important to fabricate the fasteners for special material according to following three technical requirement during whole fabricating process.
1.Special material: It is must to imported special material from USA and Europe. As the special material be manufactured according to strict execution ASTE material specifications / codes, it is stable and reliable for physical and chemical properties, especially the properties of corrosion resistance
2. Thermal processing:
 As it has the mechanical properties of high intensity and tenacity for Hastelloy ,Inconel and Monel alloy , especially the characteristics of stong cold hardening tendency for Hastelloy. It has certain difficulty to fabricate the fastener. During fabricating the fasteners of special material, it has strictly requirement for controlling each hot-working and heat treatment temperature process. So it will be avoided micro cracks occurring in the fasteners during cold drawn to asking for outer diameter size of round bars and hot-forging to form hex head of the bolts. Once the micro cracks in the fasteners have been occurred, the micro cracks will be gradually grow in the fasteners under alternating tensile stress of cooling or heating condition. The fasteners will be fractured in the short-time Thus, strictly control for whole manufacturing process of each heating operation is particularly important, Therefore, it has more strictly requirement to fabricate high quality fasteners for special material
a. During the forging process, the 1232 C°is start forging temperature and 982 C°is finished forging temperature for Hastelloy B3.
b. During the forging process, the 1232 C°is start forging temperature and 954 C°is finished forging temperature for Hastelloy C276. 
3. Machining process:
Because Hastelloy materials has the mechanics characteristics of high strength and toughness as well as strong strain cold hardening tendency, it is very difficulty to machine the fasteners of Hastelloy. In order to ensure the manufacturing precision and good lock force of the fasteners according to fabricating and inspecting standards / codes for the fastener, it is very important to choose the appropriate material to fabricate cutting tools. Otherwise, the fastener will be inspected for bad products because the fastener thread depth is too shallow and rotten teeths, greatly reduce using life.
Our corporation makes the full used of its purchase channels at abroad and its rich experience in fabricating fasteners of special materials to submitted following fastener of Hastelloy, Zirconium 705, Inconel and Monel.
(1). Imported material fabricated the fastener: 
Hastelloy C-276,  Hastelloy B3,  Hastelloy C22,  Zirconium705,  Monel 400,  Incoloy600,  Incoloy 800H,  Incoloy 825, 904L,  AL6XN and 2205 etc.
(2). Products fabricated by importing material: 
a. Hex head bolts & nuts used the desulfurization plants and other plants
b. The fasteners used to link both tower plates: Hex head bolts & nuts, round head bolts & hex head nuts, single head machining flat bolts & nuts, threaded bolts & nuts etc. 
c. Inside hex head bolt s & nuts
d. Threaded bolts & nuts
e. U-bolts & nuts
f; Bands bolts & nuts
g. Flat washers
h. Spring washers etc 
(3). Standards /Codes:
GB5782,  GB5783,  GB70,  GB 6170,  ASME B18.2.1,  ASME B18.2.2,  ASME B18.2.3.1M,  ASME B18.2.4.1M , DIN931,  DIN933,  DIN 603,  DIN 444  ISO4014,  ISO 4017,  ISO 8677 and special requirement
Main reference list
Since 1997, we have submitted a lot of the fasteners for Haste loy C276, Hastelloy B3, Zirconium 705,Monel 400 and lnconel alloy for many famous corporations both domestic and overseas. Some clients have purchased tens of thousands of sets of Hastelloy C276 fasteners in an order. 
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