Our corporation is a manufacturer to fabricate the spiral wound gaskets , threaded metal gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, High strength graphite gaskets for Zirconium 702, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B3, Inconel and Monel etc. These gaskets are wide used
in the fields of petrochemical, chemical , pharmacy, food , power, marine and many industries, As to various codes / standards of gaskets, these gaskets been used in rectors, exchange, towers, pressure vessels, vales, pipe/tube lines, pumps, compressors, boilers and other equipment . 
1. Products: 
Spiral wound gaskets,  Metal jacketed gaskets,  PTFE jacketed gaskets,  Solid metal gaskets,  threaded metal gaskets, Soft gaskets,  Packing materials,  High strength graphite gaskets etc.
2. Codes/ standards: 
ASME/ANSI B16.20,  HG20631,  HG20610,  JB4720/4718,  GB4622 and special requirement.
3. Available gaskets materials: 
Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B2, Hastelloy B3, Zirconium 702, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel800, Inconel 825 , Monel 400 and Titanium 2 etc. 
The spiral wound gaskets fabricated by our company have following excellently than other manufacturers.
1. Excellent quality. 
(1). The sheets and strips of Zirconium702 been had imported from Wah Chang Co. in USA
(2). The sheets and strips of Hastelloy been had imported from Haynes Co. in USA.
(3) .The max working temperature of PTFE is lower than 260 degree.
2. Earliest manufacturer in China. 
Since 1997, our company had submitted a lot of the gaskets for acetic acid corporations, such as, Chongqin Yangtze (BP) River Acetyls Co.,Ltd (Acetic acid plant)., Shanghai Wujing Chemical Co. Ltd (Acetic acid plant), Zhenjiang Suopu Chemical Co., Ltd (Acetic acid plant), Shandong HuaLu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.,.(Acetic acid plant), ShanXi YanChang Oil (Group) Co., Ltd. (Acetic acid plant), HeBei YingDu Gasification Co., Ltd..(Acetic acid plant ) etc. It is the face that the gaskets is excellently and 
safety in the acetic acid plants in past years, our company been pointed the manufacturer for the acetic acid corporations 
3. Shorter delivery time.
In order to have shorter delivery time and need urgently for buys, our company have stocked a lot of material of Hastelloy , Zirconium702, Inconel and Monel alloies in our company. 
Main reference list. 
Since 1997, our company had submitted a lot of spiral wound gaskets, solid metal gaskets, threaded metal gaskets and high strength graphite gaskets for Hastelloy , Zirconium 702 , Inconel and Monel etc, for many famous corporations in home and abroad,.
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